Sunday 18 May 2014

Woven Garment Labels

Below is a small collection of  custom woven clothing labels made for our UK clients.

High Definition Woven Garment Labels

Ideal for personalized sewing labelspersonalized clothes labels.

Designer Satin Labels

Clothing Taffeta Labels

Most clients use this quality to custom their sewing labels and  kids clothing labels

Metallic  Clothes Labels

A quality option for personalized name labels.

Woven &  Laser Cut 

Consider this for sports-wear clothing labels

Laser-cut & Puffed 

Woven Badges
Ideal for fabric name tags

Contact us today for your custom woven garment labels, we will help to design and manufacture an outstanding identification brand clothing labels and help set your business or clothing company apart from your competitors. We are set up and ready to deliver perfect Woven Labels for Clothing.

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