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Custom Lanyards

We are able to provide a wide range of custom lanyards. We offer a wide range of Custom Lanyards from Tubular Polyester, Dye Sublimation, Printed Satin Appliqué to Flat Weave Nylon. We also offer an incredible selection of accessories/fixings and card holders/wallet holders.
Custom Printed Lanyards

Promotional Lanyards

Promotional lanyards are one of the most effective and economical ways to advertise your business. A promotional lanyard is the perfect way to get your brand name out into the market or encourage people to visit your website.
Types of Woven Promotional Lanyards include:
  • Tubular Polyester
  • Flat Polyester Lanyard
  • Flat Weave Nylon
  • Hi Vis
  • Layered Lanyard
  • Fine Woven Lanyard
  • Dye Sublimation Lanyards
  • Printed Satin Applique
  • Woven Applique

Printed Lanyards

Here at Perfect Labels Lanyards we are able to provide a wide range of customised printed lanyards. Our printed lanyards can be made to suit all of your requirements, such as colour, fabric, text and printed message. Printed Lanyards are the perfect way to market your business, company or message to prospective and existing clients.
Our printed lanyards are available in a range of widths and therefore ideal for numerous printed messages and text. We are also able to print images and logos onto our lanyards providing you with a truly unique and customised final product.
For more information regarding our printed lanyards then please contact us direct

Branded Lanyards

Looking for the perfect branded lanyard for your business or company? Then look no further than Perfect Labels Lanyards for your custom branded lanyards. Branded lanyards are an ideal way of promoting your business or brand and can be created according to your exact specifications.
Our branded lanyards can be made in a variety of colours and widths and can be customised to include text, images and logos. So if you are looking for the ideal way to promote your brand then call one of our advisors today to discuss your branded lanyards, contact us today.

Corporate Lanyards

Corporate Lanyards are the ideal way to promote your brand or company; corporate lanyards make the perfect gift for employees, suppliers and potential clients. All of our corporate lanyards can be made to your exact specifications including the width, colour, and text which can be printed on each lanyard to give them that unique touch. Including images and logos within your corporate lanyard design will make them stand out from the crowd and will provide the ideal platform to promote your business.
We are set up and ready to start delivering your company or brand its custom corporate lanyards, contact one of our design team today to discuss your requirements. We have supplied lanyards to many corporate companies over the years so why not see our customer comments or call us on 0116 318 3231 for more information.

Metal Lanyard Accessories

We also provide a wide range of metal lanyard accessories along side our custom lanyards. Types of metal accessories include:
  • Crocodile clip
  • Standard hook
  • Split ring / Keyring
  • Safety release clip
  • Thumb hook
  • Carabiner hook
  • Short release metal/plastic
  • Oval hook
  • Lobster claw
  • Dog clip

Contact Us today to discuss our full range of custom lanyards and metal accessories. Call us on 07716 108100 or email us at:

Plastic Lanyard Accessories

Alongside our metal lanyard accessories we also provide a range of plastic lanyard accessories. Types of plastic accessories include:
  • Adjuster bead
  • Short release metal/plastic
  • Mobile phone loop
  • Pull reel
  • G clip

To discuss our full range of lanyard accessories then please Contact Us today.

Plastic Lanyard Card Holders

Types of card holders or plastic wallet holders available at Perfect Lables Lanyards include:
  • PVC Card Holders – Landscape or Portrait
  • Open Rigid Card Holders
  • Fully Enclosed Card Holders
  • Laminated Passes
  • Gloss Laminated Cards
  • Laminated Booklets & Programmes

Custom USB Lanyards

Custom USB Lanyards are the ideal way to market your company or business. Our Custom USB Lanyards are the perfect gift idea for staff members, clients and even potential clients.
Here at Perfect Labels Lanyards we are able to create a wide range of Custom USB Lanyards to a wide range of specifications; specifications including colour, size, width, text and images. Whether you are a small or large company USB Lanyards are a great promotional tool and can be made to suit a variety of timescales and budgets.
For more information regarding our Custom USB Lanyards please contact one of our advisors today.

Contact us today for your Custom Lanyards

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, were set up and ready to start delivering quality Custom Lanyards and Accessories for you. Our prices are competitive and we offer some great advantages, so Contact Us today on 116 318 3231 to talk to an advisor.

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